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Daily Local News – May 13, 2014


A contractor helping supervise I-69 construction insisted May 9th contractors are doing all they can to prevent pollution from the project; After months of delay, the Monroe County Solid Waste Management District can now fill a vacant desk job; The recipients of the City of Bloomington’s 2014 Art Project Grants have been announced.

A press conference held today revealed the positive impact of arts programing on Fairview Preschoolers during this academic year. Dr. Gus Weltsek and Ginger Brinn worked with Fairview instructor Lynne Hall to bring drama and visual arts into the curriculum several times a week. Preschoolers were tested on vocabulary, alliteration, and rhyming before the program and again in December, when strong improvements were found. Representatives involved in the program spoke about the importance of arts programming in schools at an early age, and Hall’s students shared some of their activities, here for today’s WFHB feature report.

So, what’s your interest? This week we are going to test your knowledge on how interest works for or against you in budgeting and personal finance.

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