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Daily Local News – May 1, 2014


More tornado outbreaks are likely to occur through the warm months of April to July; The Indiana University Health hospitals in South Central Indiana hosted a food drive in March, in honor of National Nutrition Month; The Bloomington Commission on Aging is celebrating creativity and our aging population this month with the Fourth Annual Creative Aging Festival; This Saturday is the 13th Annual Free Comic Book Day at Bloomington’s Vintage Phoenix and comic book shops around the world; This weekend in local sports: tomorrow the Indiana University Women’s and Men’s Swim teams compete in the Buccetos Open, which continues through Sunday.

Indiana University Student Madeline Dinges was one of five students awarded this year’s Provost Award for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity. Dinges and her mentor, Justin Ross, an associate professor of public finance and economics in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs worked together to produce a fiscal analysis that acted as a guiding document for Lake County Indiana. An upcoming article under review at the journal Public Budgeting and Finance also includes work from their collaboration. Today, WFHB News Director Alycin Bektesh met with Dinges and Ross in SPEA to learn more about the fiscal state of Indiana counties, and the honor they received for their work, on today’s WFHB feature exclusive.

The Little 500 is utterly unique and also the largest collegiate cycling event in the world.  This year’s race saw the team from Kappa Alpha Theta win the women’s race by twelve-one-hundredths of a second, and the Black Key Bulls scored the victory in the men’s division.  Voices in the Street hit the streets, or track, rather, to speak with participants in the 64th annual Little 500 and ask them, about the nature of the event.  Is the Little 500 more about the race or the socializing that accompanies it?

Anchors: Jalisa Ransom, Scott Weddle
Today’s headlines were written by Jalisa Ransom and Dani Aleksa,
Along with Joe Crawford for CATSweek, a partnership with Community Access Television Services.
Our feature was produced by Alycin Bektesh
Voices in the Street was produced by Kelly Wherley,
Our engineer today is Sarah Hetrick.
Our theme music is provided by the Impossible Shapes.
Editor is Drew Daudelin, Executive Producer is Alycin Bektesh.

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