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Daily Local News – March 7, 2014


The Jennifer Resolution Act, which urged the legislative council to study the issue of involuntary commitment of persons with substance use disorders, was turned down for a hearing by Senator Brent Steele; As warm weather and March Madness approach, Indiana State Police are ramping up drunk driving enforcement on Indiana’s roads; The future of a seven-acre urban forest remains unclear after residents debated the issue for more than three hours March 5th; Senate Bill 59, which allows guardians to file for dissolution of marriage, was passed Monday, March 3rd by the House with a unanimous vote.

Science on a Sphere is Here!
Science on a Sphere, a project from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, has arrived on Indiana University’s Bloomington campus. This makes IU one of only four universities in the country to have the resource. The sphere is housed in the university’s new Cyber-Infrastructure Building, and its unique effects are being used by everyone from data-research students to digital artists. It was funded by the Office of the Vice President of Information Technology. Correspondent Casey Kuhn spoke with Tassie Gniady (Guh-nay-dee), graduate assistant and sphere liaison, for today’s WFHB feature exclusive.

Local organizations scout the listening area for service help on Volunteer Connection, linking YOU to current volunteer opportunities in our community.

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