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Daily Local News – March 6, 2018


The Indiana legislature approved a bill over school safety yesterday; The Indiana House approved legislation yesterday which would guarantee DACA recipients the right to seek professional licenses for scores of occupations; Indiana conservatives are launching a new organization to advocate for renewable energy; A sleek and modern condominium project is set to rise out of an aging parking lot at 121 East Kirkwood Avenue.

This afternoon, city officials and leaders from Bloomington’s business community gathered under a tent in the grass field next to city hall in downtown.
Buffeted by heavy winds, officials from Bloomington’s Economic Development Commission, Redevelopment Commission, and consultants with Black Line Studio spoke about their aspirations for the city’s 65 acre tech park. Bloomington Mayor John Hamilton says the city is hoping the Dimension Mill will be up and running by the end of this year.

Bill Garrett was the first African-American college basketball player at Indiana University. While Major League Baseball and National Football were moving towards desegregation, Garrett would spend his entire college career without playing against another black player.
Bob Hammel tells Garrett’s story, and the story of desegregation in college basketball, in this week’s edition of The Bicentennial Journal—looking back on 200 years of history in South Central Indiana.

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