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Daily Local News – March 3, 2014


The Indiana House has voted in favor of Senate Bill 101, which further criminalizes trespassing within the agricultural industry; An economic researcher at Ball State University has found that the percentage of working-age people in Indiana currently employed or looking for work has been declining since the onset of the Great Recession in 2008, and is likely to stay low into the future; The Bloomington Plan Commission voted February 24th to fast-track approval for a 35-home subdivision in what is currently an urban forest along the B-Line Trail; The Indiana University Student Association is searching for candidates for its 2014 elections.

IU: No Written Contracts on University Courts Deal
As Bloomington officials debate this week whether to designate the University Courts neighborhood as a historic district, plans are moving forward to demolish six of its houses. Indiana University plans to tear down the homes along East 8th Street, and then trade the land to a fraternity that would build a house there. The plan has angered neighbors and others who want to protect the houses. And in November, WFHB submitted a public record request to IU seeking contracts and other documents that would provide details about the deal. After months of negotiations, IU responded last week, but the response raises even more questions about how the deal would work. We bring you that story now, for today’s WFHB feature exclusive.

Ashley Hall of the United Way talks about the Free Community Tax Services program being coordinated by United Way and other Bloomington business and institutions.

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