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Daily Local News – March 13, 2018


A study by Purdue University is being used by the federal Commerce Department, as the basis for President Trump’s proposed steel tariff plans; In an independent analysis of the proposed steel tariffs, Hertel’s team found, “Combined output reductions of nearly 20 billion dollars annually for U.S. manufacturers of machinery and equipment, automobiles and parts, and the construction sector”; Travelers in Monroe County will experience tough commutes this spring and summer due to numerous road projects on main thoroughfares; In other transit news, Bloomington Transit General Manager Lew May is planning a route optimization study; Monroe County officials are learning an Intermediate Processing Facility, or IPF, may be the best option for reducing waste sent to the landfill.

Retired Air Force Lietennant General Ken Eickmann is encouraging lawmakers to adopt higher fuel economy standards for vehicles.
Currently, lawmakers, at the urging of the Trump administration, are being asked to consider lowering the fuel economy and emissions standards for vehicles.
General Eickmann toured facilities in Southern Indiana and Kentucky, including Crane Naval base, for the non-profit military advisory group, C.N.A. Here, he speaks with WFHB News Director Wes Martin.

Local archaeologist Cheryl Munson talks about the pre-Columbian people and the formation of south central Indiana’s unique limestone topography, in this week’s edition of The Bicentennial Journal—looking back on 200 years of history in South Central Indiana.

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