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Daily Local News – March 1, 2017


The Monroe County School Board gave its final approval last night to a 2.5 million dollar bus contract with Michigan based Auxilio Services. An initiative to add another access point to Ellettsville’s Heritage Trail is moving forward.The Bloomington Board of Public Works has approved a request from the developers of Patterson Pointe to allow a parking boulevard to encroach into the right of way. The city of Bloomington is requesting that all city residents participate in its first ever community-wide, scientific survey.

Last week, WFHB’s LGBTQ public affairs show, BloomingOUT, hosted a conversation with Indiana University law professor Steve Sanders. Sanders begins by addressing the Trump administration’s reversal of a directive related to transgender access to bathrooms.

Shady tax preparers, an avalanche of danger for Mac users, and a huge new internet security leak for everyone to worry about. Lots of new news this time!

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