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Daily Local News – June 5, 2014


The city of Bloomington committed to paying its share of a $3.3 million road construction project June 3rd; Graduate students in the Indiana Univesity School of Public and Environmental Affairs have just released a report on their findings of how rural fire departments can cut costs and boost response times; Monroe County and the City of Bloomington are approaching an agreement in negotiations over roughly $440,000 that was mistakenly distributed in recent years; Monroe County Public Library Associate Director Marilyn Wood gave her board an update on major renovations occurring at the Library this summer; IU has recently opened an office in Beijing, China, for the purpose of increasing support for collaborations between IU and leading universities in China.

Ukraine recently elected a new President, to replace the one who fled the country after mounting violent demonstrations in the capital. In the wake of the removal of the President Yanakovich, the Crimea region has separated and joined Russia and other sections in the East and south are now threatening separation also. Ukrainians, as well as foreign leaders and external observers have expressed hope in newly elected President Poroshenko’s ability to bring the current crisis to a peaceful resolution, get the economy going, develop a workable relations with its big neighbors to the East and West, and reduce endemic domestic corruption. Padric Kenney, professor history on the Bloomington campus of Indiana University and specialist is East European political culture, has been following the recent events in Ukraine closely. He speaks with to Daily
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