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Daily Local News – June 29, 2017


A federal court has blocked some provisions of a new abortion law from taking effect; The Bloomington City Council has approved the development of pocket neighborhoods as a conditional use in single family and core neighborhoods; Bloomington sanitation services will operate on their normal schedule this July 4th.

Phil Ford is the author of “Dig: Sound and Music in Hip Culture.” He takes the reader on a tour of the cutting edge world of jazz musicians, Beat writers, and style arbiters who make up what is hip. Ford is a professor of musicology at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music. His interests range far beyond the narrow field of creating rhythmic, harmonic sounds that are pleasing — or not — to the human ear. Music ties countless disciplines together. Now he’s working on a book describing magical thinking and how it relates to music and the greater world. He joins Michael Glab on this week’s edition of Big Talk.

This week’s edition asks Bloomington residents how they have been affected by the opioid crisis.

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