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DAILY LOCAL NEWS – June 19,2017


A nearly 48 percent increase in car accidents on Section 5 of I-69 since construction started in 2014; Several dozen people gathered in Peoples Park yesterday in response to increased police presence; Less than a year after Monroe County passed a public safety tax the new revenue stream is being stretched thin; The Monroe County and South Central Community Action Program’s Mobile Energy Lab.


Researchers at Indiana University Bloomington have been able to identify a specific gene necessary to block insect-borne pathogens that transmit diseases like Dengue Fever, as well as the Zika and West Nile viruses. The study employed a common bacterium called Wolbachia. It was published last week in the medical journal PLoS Pathogens. Irene Newton, one of the lead researchers, discusses the study with Reporter Sarah Vaughan in today’s WFHB Community Report.


Joy Bhattacharya of Global Gifts.


Today’s headlines were written by Maggie Bui, Lyndsay Jones, and Joe Crawford. Our feature was produced by Sarah Vaughan. Activate is produced by Jennifer Brooks along with the City of Bloomington Volunteer Network. Our engineer was Michael Glab. Our executive producer is Joe Crawford.

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