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Daily Local News – June 18, 2014


Plans continue to move forward for Bloomington’s first PRIDE Summerfest planned for early September; Bloomington’s co-housing group is working on building an intentional community on the south side of town, and late last month received City Council approval to move ahead with their plans; The Monroe County Community School Corporation expects to receive more than a million dollars to help two elementary schools that have done poorly on standardized tests.

Later this month the union that represents public school teachers across the country is holding a major summit in Denver. The National Education Association will make decisions about what goals to pursue in the coming year. Educators from Indiana will be there to share their experiences and opinions on subjects ranging from standardized testing to school safety. This morning Assistant News Director Joe Crawford spoke with the president of the Indiana State Education Association about the summit. We bring you that conversation for today’s WFHB feature exclusive.

Fraudsters are always coming up with new ways to rip you off, and here are some of the weirdest and scariest scams that have popped up recently.

Anchors: Cathi Norton, Kelly Wherley
Today’s headlines were written by Joe Crawford for CATSweek, in partnership with Community Access Television services.
Bloomington Beware was produced by Richard Fish,
Our feature was produced by Ilze Akerbergs, with correspondent Joe Crawford
Our engineer today is Jim Lang,
Executive Producer is Alycin Bektesh.

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