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Daily Local News – June 14, 2017


South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg appeared this morning in Bloomington at a meet-and-greet in a private home and spoke to an array of veteran County Democratic Party figures. A new study from IU’s Fairbanks School of Public Health claims to show a significant decrease in hospital admissions as a result of Marion County’s public smoking ban. The Indiana Institute for Working Families has released a report recommending the removal of non-academic barriers that prevent adults from pursuing post-secondary education and various training programs. The Bloomington/Monroe County’s Emergency Dispatch Center will be upgrading its computer software in an effort to reduce response times to emergency calls. The Monroe County Community School Board approved three staff changes in its meeting last night. Monroe County’s Rural Transit Assistance Program is applying for a million dollars of state and federal grants to support its work. Bloomington City Hall hosted the sixth annual Sustaining Nature and Your Land Day this past weekend.

Today we look at Classic Scams like the Fiddle Game and the Glimm Dropper. These are cons that happen with a 2-person team and involve “expensive” musical instruments , glass eyes, jewelry, false teeth, or other valuable property.

Today’s Anchors: Scott Weddle and Barbara Fuqua
Today’s headlines were written by Michael Glab, Jerrod Dill, Maggie Bui, and Arjun Balasundaram, along with Sarah Vaughan for CATSweek, in partnership with Community Access Television services.
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