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Daily Local News – June 12, 2014


The Bloomington City Council further discussed an ordinance June 10th to amend Title 20 of the Bloomington Municipal Code, concerning the possibility of encouraged diversity in restaurants located downtown; Yesterday a coalition of Indiana groups launched a bipartisan public education campaign to secure the freedom to marry for same-sex couples in Indiana; Officials throughout Monroe County have made plans to enter an energy efficiency contest for a five million dollar prize; The Monroe County Council discussed a resolution June 10th approving tax abatement compliance findings in 2014; The Bloomington Utilities Service Board is considering a draft of a plan to conserve water throughout Bloomington; This week the IU School of Education and the IU School Administrators Association are hosting discussions on topics including bullying, evaluation and special education law at their 47th summer education seminar.

Indiana University plans to demolish six homes in the University Courts historic district and then transfer the land to the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity, in exchange for their current home next to the law school. One resident of the historic homes – IU’s student radio station WIUX, was notified this month that they are being relocated a year earlier than expected, and need to be out of their home of the last 40 years by the middle of this month. WFHB News Director went to the station and spoke with outgoing station manger Joe Heath and incoming general manager Carolyn Suna, for today’s WFHB feature exclusive.

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