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Earl’s Auction has remained on the same street corner in Indianapolis for six decades.

Daily Local News – July 3, 2017 (Audio Storytelling Special)


In today’s special episode of the Daily Local News, we’ll hear stories of local culture and commerce. We have one report about a family of Hoosier auctioneers, and another about a local drag queen who finds inspiration from his family members. And we have a report about the changes happening in the local grocery market and how the local cooperative is faring. These stories are all the product of an Audio Storytelling class at Indiana University’s Media School, in partnership with WFHB. The class is taught by instructor Amy Gastelum.

In our first story, reporter Brianna Susnak looks into how local residents are buying food, and how companies are competing for our money. She also brings us the story of how Bloomingfoods is trying to change as much larger companies edge into their market.

In the second story: while they’ve adapted to changes in technology and family dynamics, for the past 60 years Earl’s Auction has remained on the same street corner in the state capital. Paige Caito brings us that story.

The third: The Back Door nightclub is a prime location for some of Bloomington’s most popular drag queens, like Argenta Perón. But for underage drag queens, like 20-year-old IU student Chase Duncan, performing at The Back Door is not an option yet. So instead, Chase performs in drag for his friends and at campus venues. He’s crafted his drag persona from his family’s stories and experiences, but most of his family has no idea about his performances. This story was produced by WFHB correspondent Sheila Raghavendran.

And in our weekly community resources segment, Everyday People, we hear about vouchers available at local farmers markets. Everyday People is produced by Courtney Stewart and Stacey Goffinet.

This episode was produced by Joe Crawford.

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