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Daily Local News – July 27, 2017


Monroe County’s Alexander Memorial is scheduled for a facelift; The sale of bonds by the City of Bloomington Utilities will result in less of a price hike in utility rates than previously estimated; The City of Bloomington wants to know the value of a parking lot located at the northeast corner of the Showers Building; The Bloomington Board of Public Works has approved rates for the city’s automated sanitation service.

A man of more hats than a magician, Spiradon Strategos, better known around town as Strats, was in on the predecessors of Bloomington’s famed vegetarian mecca, the Tao back in the late Sixties and early Seventies. He tells how he and the Uptown Cafe’s Michael Cassady created what is now one of Bloomington’s signature breakfast dishes on today’s edition of Big Talk! with Michael Glab.

This week’s edition asks Bloomington residents if they are ready for the students to return.

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