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Daily Local News – July 19, 2017


This week, Carrier Corp will lay off 300 of its Indianapolis furnace factory employees.    Members of the activist organization Hoosier Action were in Washington D.C. and marched on Republican lawmakers offices, where they staged protests against the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, also called ‘Obamacare.’    Monroe County Sheriff Brad Swain appeared before County Commissioners this morning, explaining his decision last week to limit use of his department’s Naloxone supply to protect first responders.   


WFHB News Director Joe Crawford caught up with one of the producers of Rox, who recently returned to Bloomington in support of his newest provocative work. The program generated outrage and calls for its removal during its hay day, in the early and mid 90s.



Facebook accounts getting hacked and used to scam facebook friends.  The NSA is watching: Privacy issues at telecom companies and internet retailers.


Today’s Anchors:  Scott Weddle and Barbara Fuqua

Today’s headlines were written by Wes Martin and Arjun Balasundaram, along with Sarah Vaughan for CATSweek, in partnership with Community Access Television Services.

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