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Daily Local News – July 12, 2017

The Solarize Bloomington Initiative is beginning its second phase, encouraging residents to install solar panels by the end of the year; The Bloomington Plan Commission approved site plans for 3809 South Sare Road; The Indiana Arts Commission is accepting nominations for Indiana State Poet Laureate; The US Supreme Court will not review Indiana’s anti-robocall law.


When their sole abulance service provider pulled out of its agreement, Martinsville and Morgan County were left scrambling to pick up the slack.


Snake oil claims are still with us.


Today’s headlines were written by Cole Stinson and Arjun Balasundaram along with Sarah Vaughan for CATS Week. Better Beware was produced by Richard Fish, our feature was produced by Jerrod Dill, our anchors were Scott Weddle and Barbara Fuqua, our engineer was Michael Glab, our executive producer is Joe Crawford.

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