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Daily Local News – January 9, 2018


Tomorrow is the first day political hopefuls in the state will be able to file for their candidacy; Monroe County Election Board members are being asked to open a centrally-located poling site near Indiana University; Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb will deliver his second State of the State Address this evening; Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill announced his intention to join 22 other states in urging Congress to deregulate national gun legislation; Bloomington’s Wapehani Bike Park will be closed for up to six months this year for the removal of the Weimer Dam.

Dick Morrison and Wendy Rubin became the caregivers for their spouses, following their diagnosis of Alzheimer’s.

Hosts Courtney Stewart and Stacey Goffinet speak with Morrison and Rubin about their challenges as spouses, as caregivers, and coping with loss, in today’s special feature-length segment of Everyday People.

Anchors: Don Geyra and Erin Wager-Miller.
Today’s headlines were written by Wes Martin
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Our feature was produced by Sarah Vaughn
Everyday People is produced by Courtney Stewart and Stacey Goffinet
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