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Daily Local News – January 31, 2017


The City of Bloomington Planning and Transportation Department is hosting a series of public meetings this coming Monday, February 5th, through Wednesday, February 7th on the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO), which governs land use and development throughout the City of Bloomington’s planning jurisdiction. The Monroe County Convention Center Advisory Board is voicing its commitment to public input as plans for expanding the convention center move forward. The City of Bloomington is working to make travel on West Bloomfield Road easier for pedestrians and cyclists.

FEATURE: Former Bloomington Mayor and redistricting advocate Tomi Allison speaks about Senate Bill 326, which is currently up for amendments in the statehouse. Allison and the Indiana League of Women Voters are pushing for the redistricting of electoral districts by an independent non-partisan commission, and hoping that any final implementation will include a non-partisan, independent redistricting committee. In today’s Feature Report, WFHB’s Wes Martin speaks with Allison about what she sees as the potential for political gerrymandering, if Senate Bill 326 redraws electorate districts without independent oversight.

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