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Daily Local News – February 7, 2018


Travelers on Bloomington’s Country Club Drive should be prepared for lane closures over the next six months.   Twelve area social service agencies are in line to receive a total of 560 thousand dollars in Community Development Block Grant money this year.    Kilroys on Kirkwood’s alcohol license is being challenged by city of Bloomington residents.   

FEATURE: Indiana’s caves, largely focused around the southern karst-topography of the state, are reopening. Hoosier National Forest prohibited entrance to its caves for fear of spreading a deadly fungal infection that’s ravaged bat populations. As WFHB correspondent Jonah Chester reports, the death of millions of bats has dire implications for other parts of the state’s ecosystem.

BETTER BEWARE: Local Dangers:

There are several things to watch out for in South Central Indiana these days, including some that are worldwide problems. Here are some timely and useful headsups.

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