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Daily Local News – February 6, 2018


A bill before the state legislature that would’ve done away with some 300 townships across Indiana, failed in the statehouse last night; The proposal for a waste transfer station on Bloomington’s Northwest side was officially withdrawn today; The Monroe County Election Board approved creating two new polling places in its February 1st meeting; The League of Women Voters of Bloomington and Monroe County is inviting the public to its second Legislative Update on Saturday; The one hundred block of Kirkwood Avenue could look decidedly more modern when an empty parking lot next to CVS is replaced with a condominium project.

On Friday, U.S. Health and Human Services approved Indiana’s request to impose additional requirements on Medicaid recipients in the state. The approval makes Indiana one of only two states that require residents receiving Medicaid to have a job. Kentucky has applied for similar stipulations. Jesse Cross-Call, Senior Policy Analyst for the DC-based, non-partisan Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, says the approval took place, even though Indiana’s own evaluations concluded that additional requirements for Medicaid recipients made them less likely to continue to have healthcare coverage. The approval comes after the former president of Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals, Alex Azar, was appointed as the Secretary of Health and Human Services.
Cross-Call says the approval of Indiana’s additional requirements for residents to get Medicaid highlights the state’s growing influence over national healthcare policy. Here is Jesse Cross Call of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities speaking with WFHB News Director Wes Martin.

Mattie Fuller came to Bloomington with her family in the aftermath of the American Civil War. Fuller became one of the most celebrated and recognized African-Americans in Monroe County’s history. We’ll hear excerpts from her diaries and correspondences, in this week’s edition of The Bicentennial Journal—looking back on 200 years of history in South Central Indiana.

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