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Daily Local News – February 28, 2017


A two-year state budget proposal is moving on to the Indiana Senate; The Indiana House has approved a measure creating a new requirement for abortion providers to inform patients about so-called “abortion reversal” procedures; Five states in the U.S. do not have legislation targeting hate crimes–Indiana being one of them; A fundraising event tomorrow night is supporting the efforts of an organization that wants to help refugees move to Bloomington; The need for foster parents in Indiana is greater than ever; The longtime director of Middle Way House, Toby Strout, has died at the age of 71.

Local entrepreneur Joe Davis is the creator of the Community Carbon Exchange, or CCX. Davis says carbon-saving actions like carpooling and walking, as well as adjustments in food and utility consumption create a carbon offset that can be sold. Individuals and companies with larger carbon footprints can then buy that offset as a way to help mitigate their own impact on the environment. Reporter Sarah Vaughan talked with Davis to learn more about the initiative.

Did You Know That?
Amy Thompson, County Extension Director gives us a snapshop of what Purdue Extension in Monroe County has to offer including upcoming programs, free resources and services.

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