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Daily Local News – February 27, 2018


The city of Bloomington is holding two public meetings tonight, about the planned purchase of an armored vehicle for the city’s police department; The city of Bloomington announced they’ll be partnering with bike-share company Zagster to implement an agreement with Indiana University; Governor Eric Holcomb toured parts of southern Indiana yesterday, after torrential rain led state officials to declare a state of emergency in 18 counties; Tomorrow, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb is expected to sign a bill that would repeal the state’s prohibition on the Sunday carryout sale of alcohol.

Indiana’s caves, largely focused around the southern “karst” topography of the state, are reopening after being closed for years. The Hoosier National Forest prohibited entrance to its caves to visitors, for fear of spreading a deadly fungal infection that’s ravaged bat populations across the state.
As WFHB correspondent Jonah Chester reports, the death of millions of bats has dire implications for other parts of the state’s—and world’s—ecosystem.

In this week’s edition of The Bicentennial Journal, Bob Hammel tells the story of George Shively, a professional African-American baseball player who was born the son of a slave. Shively was buried in an unmarked grave in Rose Hill Cemetery until recently, when the indignity of his burial was brought to light.

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