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Daily Local News – February 27, 2017


An Owen County judge has accepted a plea agreement in the case of Shaylyn Ammerman’s murder; A former assistant director of IU’s Office of Student Ethics has been sentenced for possession of child pornography, a level six felony; The Indiana House of Representatives has approved a gun bill allowing people with civil protective orders to carry a handgun without a permit for 60 days; The I-69 Development Partners Team is announcing new lane closures on both north- and south-bound lanes on State Road 45/Second Street near the State Road 37 interchange; The Monroe County Community School Corporation will not be changing their gender neutral bathroom policy after President Trump rescinded Obama’s guidelines protecting transgender students last week; The Indiana University Alumni Association is launching a fundraising campaign tomorrow at the Skyline Club in Indianapolis.

The school board at the Monroe County Community School Corporation is scheduled to vote tomorrow night on a contract that would affect the jobs of dozens of bus drivers. The proposed agreement has drawn public criticism from some local residents, including some of the drivers. Late last week the Bloomington Solidarity Network released a report describing how the contract could produce problems for local workers and for school children. WFHB News Director Joe Crawford spoke with two authors of the report for today’s WFHB community report.

In this week’s Activate! Jennifer Perry highlights her work caring for children at the Banneker Community Center.

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