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Daily Local News – February 21, 2017


Indiana students could evenutally be sitting for a new standardized test; The number of Hoosiers earning workforce certificates has jumped significantly; The Department of Homeland Security has released a set of memos to implement President Trump’s plan to crack

down on immigrants who are in the country illegally; The Bloomington Police Department is holding on to records that could help the public understand the effects of a new surcharge for police videos.

Indiana nonprofits are lobbying state legislators on two Senate bills that would impact the ability of Hoosiers to receive SNAP benefits. That’s the federally funded supplemental nutrition assistance program formerly known as food stamps. Feeding Indiana’s Hungry, the

Indiana Association of United Ways, the Indiana Township Association, Inc., and the Institute for Working Families are among a dozen organizations working toward the passage of Senate Bill 154, which would remove an asset limit on SNAP recipients, and Senate Bill 9,

which would allow certain drug offenders to receive benefits. Reporter Sarah Vaughan spoke with Jessica Fraser, the Director of the Indiana Institute for Working Families, about why these bills are important, and their chances of getting passed.

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