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Daily Local News – February 20, 2014


Indiana University Treasurer Mary Frances McCourt has estimated that parking operations on campus could generate a forty-three million dollar profit over the next twenty years; The Affordable Care Act Volunteers of Monroe County Incorporated launched their Faith Neighbors Campaign on Sunday; The Monroe County Plan Commission approved a zoning change for tomorrow, at the request of a landowner who wanted to expand his yard; As warmer temperatures melt this winter’s snow production, Indiana has an increased threat of flooding.

Anti-HJR-3 Senators Take to the Floor
Before the final vote on House Joint Resolution 3 by the 118th general assembly, State senators took to the chamber floor to express their views on the proposed constitutional amendment declaring marriage to be between one man and one woman. Today, we hear from Senators who believe the resolution is discriminatory, as well as those who say that though their heart breaks for the people it excludes, supporting the amendment is the correct decision under God. Here are the closing arguments on HJR-3 for today’s WFHB feature report.

Voices in the Street hit the streets to hear what YOU think about the legislatures’ push to pass marriage restrictions and about gay marriage in general.

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