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Daily Local News – December 8, 2016


A Canadian company is taking the first steps toward developing a city-wide, high speed, fiber network in Bloomington; In last night’s city council meeting, council members gave their final approval to a fee schedule for the rental of city facilities; the Bloomington Plan Commission heard a petition from Horvath Communications to put a cell tower; Stone Belt Arc will hold a Holiday Art Fair this Saturday.

Restoration architect Cynthia Bruhbaker helps Bloomington retain its past. She has been responsible for the rebirth of such historic structures as the I. Fell Building and the old Coca Cola bottling plant that now serves as the multipurpose headquarters for Middle Way House. Bruhbaker knew early on she wanted to be involved in resurrecting nearly forgotten architectural treasures. She joins Michael Glab on this week’s edition of Big Talk.

This week’s edition ask Bloomington residents where they gets their news from.

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