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Daily Local News – December 7, 2016



A story published in the Herald Times about local white nationalists provoked varied community responses this week; Monroe County Officials are discussing streamlining the county’s zoning code as it applies to the urbanizing area just outside Bloomington city limits; Project Porchlight— an effort designed to engage local residents with energy-saving opportunities in their home—occurred in October this year.

Last month Bloomington Mayor John Hamilton spoke to the Bloomington Rotary Club about the issues in the city, from housing to job creation. We bring you a portion of his comments now, for today’s WFHB community report. This clip begins with Hamilton speaking about the fallout from the November 8 th election.

That was Bloomington Mayor John Hamilton speaking last month at a luncheon hosted by the Rotary Club. The event was recorded by Community Access Television Services.

Online Shopping Dangers
Apps and emojis — the free ones, and mostly the ones from overseas — are hijacking online shoppers, especially those using tablets and cellphones. Here’s what’s going on.

Anchors: Scott Weddle and Janae Cummings
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