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Daily Local News – December 5, 2017


The Monroe County Health Department is looking to continue operating its needle exchange program; We’re a scant week and a half away from the December 15 deadline to register for health insurance through the national Health Insurance Marketplace; Bloomington Parks Director Paula McDevitt says her department will increase spending to market parks programs in 2018; The Indiana University Panhellenic Council has a list of policy changes that fraternities and sororities may have to implement in order to regain their active status.

In April, the Indiana Coalition for Public Education filed a federal lawsuit against the state of Indiana, over the recognition of an educational charter for Seven Oaks Classical School. The lawsuit claims the charter, which was issued by an Evangelical college in northern Indiana, violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. In today’s feature report, WFHB News Director Wes Martin speaks first with Coalition for Public Education legal counsel Alex Tanford about the case. We then hear from Terry English, who sits on the board at Seven Oaks Classical School in Ellettsville.

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