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Daily Local News – December 1, 2016


The state of Indiana has offered seven million dollars in tax breaks to Carrier Corporation in a deal that is expected to keep about a thousand manufacturing jobs in Indianapolis; The city of Bloomington is asking for feedback on a broad range of ideas that could affect the future of the downtown area; Preparations are underway for the Fifth Annual Krampus Night festival coming up this Saturday; In last night’s city council meeting, council members considered a fee schedule for the private rental of some city facilities, including City Hall.

An institution in local politics, Dan “Carp” Combs has been Perry Township trustee since the mid-‘eighties, providing services for the needy and even making sure the abandoned Shortstop lot on the south side remains relatively clutter-free. Uniquely among American states, Indiana depends on the township form of government. Former Governor Mitch Daniels tried to eliminate the township system but failed. Carp Combs joins Michael Glab on this week’s Big Talk to explain why township trustees are needed now more than ever.

WFHB reporter Leah Carter brings us a story of surveillance and police militarization, from Standing Rock, North Dakota.

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