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Daily Local News – August 7, 2017

Blue-green algae has been found in one of Lake Lemon’s overflow ponds; Indiana’s DNR asks bowhunters to keep track of any animals they spot; State law requires school employees to report suspected child abuse or neglect cases to Child Service or law enforcement before informing the school principal; A new scam involving requests for payment to redeem unclaimed property.


Muncie schools open this week despite problems with its school bus service operations.


Fred Parker of B-town Jazz.


Today’s headlines were written by Cole Stinson, Arjun Balasundaram, and Alex Davis. Our feature was produced by Wes Martin. Activate is produced by Lucy Schaich of the City of Bloomington Volunteer Network. Our anchors were Doug Storm and Maria McKinley. Our engineer was Michael Glab. Our executive producer is Wes Martin.

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