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Daily Local News – August 5, 2014


Some companies may soon be exempt from Bloomington’s new regulations on chain businesses downtown; A study released today by a conservative think tank claims Governor Mike Pence’s Healthy Indiana Plan 2.0 will damage the state’s economy; A majority of students at Indiana’s public universities are women, but most of those who govern the schools are men; The annual Forbes list of College rankings was released last week, with Indiana University Bloomington nearly missing the top one hundred; Bloomington’s Interfaith Winter Shelter has started a crowdfunding campaign through Indie Go-Go; In order to publicize Elletsville’s new farmers market, the Ellestsville Town Council approved a waver to the town advertising code in their latest meeting; The Monroe County Public Library saw an increase of Library Card applications during the summer; Local public schools opened to new and returning students last Monday.

Classes start back up this month, but Hoosiers can still celebrate LGBQT culture this summer. PRIDE festivals are happening all over Indiana and Bloomington will host its first PRIDE this September. Correspondent Sierra Gardner talks with PRIDE Director Sarah Perfetti and Sigma Phi Beta PRIDE Chairman Ty Adams about their plans for Bloomington PRIDE for today’s community report.

WFHB’s weekly financial segment.

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