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Daily Local News – August 3, 2017


IN-DOT announces the closure of two roads around highway 37 in preparation of Interstate 69; The Monroe County Parks and Recreation Board is exploring the possibility of repurposing a building for use as a MRF (Materials Recovery Facility); The Nashville Town Council will host a public hearing next week to discuss the proposed annexation of forest land owned by Big Woods into Nashville.

With the 2018 mid-term election 15 months away, five hopefuls already have declared their candidacy for Indiana’s Ninth District seat in Congress. Four of those candidates are Democrats, hoping to wrest the seat from first-term Republican Trey Hollingsworth. The four will jostle for the Democratic nomination during the May Primary, before going on to face the incumbent Republican in November. Liz Watson is a Bloomington native, and an attorney with experience in Washington DC, where she worked for House Democrats as well as a Georgetown think tank. Watson is live in the studio with Michael Glab for this week’s edition of Big Talk.

This week’s edition asks Bloomington residents how they feel about the increased police presence in downtown.

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