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Daily Local News – August 15, 2016


Tech companies who helped create the master plan for Bloomington’s Certified Tech Park are raising concerns about the design;  an area developer is suing the town of Ellettsville for refusing their proposal to build a new apartment complex; City of Bloomington Utilities issued a series of sanitary sewer overflow advisories; the Bloomington Utilities Service Board reviewed a $40.5 million budget request from the City Utilities Department, and discusses examining the Weimer Lake dam to see if it can be made viable


The Bloomington Redevelopment Commission and City administrators have been in conversation the past few weeks over the design of Bloomington’s Certified Tech Park. In their meeting August 1st, Commission members were asked by city administrators to approve a contract with the urban design firm Anderson+Bohlander, LLC to design and engineer streets and sidewalks that would subdivide the Tech Park for development. The Commission declined, with some members saying it didn’t mesh with the park’s master plan. In the Commission’s work session last week, Mayor John Hamilton pressed for movement on the tech park project, telling commission members  “people are ready to invest” and said delaying design and engineering work would deter that investment. Sarah Vaughan has more on the story.


On today’s edition of Activate, we hear from the organization Spencer Pride.


Today’s headlines were written by Jerrod Dill and Taylor Haggerty along with Sarah Vaughan for CATSweek, a partnership with Community Access Television Services. Our feature was produced by Sarah Vaughan. Activate! is produced by Jennifer Brooks with help from Christine Brackenhoff, along with the City of Bloomington Volunteer Network. Our engineer is Sarah Hetrick, our theme music is provided by the Impossible Shapes. Executive producer is Joe Crawford.

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