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Daily Local News – August 1, 2017


A Bloomington accountant was convicted of mail fraud after he siphoned off one point two million dollars from his Bedford client; The city is looking to fast track solarization of its facilities in the face of a new state deadline; After a wildlife photographer snapped a picture of an osprey nesting on Patoka Lake, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources is considering removing the bird from the state-endangered species list.

When a power plant burns coal, most of the ash from the coal is not incinerated. Instead, that coal ash can sit at the bottom of a furnace, and can contain potentially harmful pollutants, including arsenic.
In December of last year, Duke Energy petitioned the Indiana Department of Environmental Management to allow the company to store coal ash at four of its facilities, all nearby major Indiana waterways.
WFHB News Director Wes Martin spoke with Duke Energy representative Dawn Santoianni and Earth Justice attorney Jennifer Cassel about the potential coal ash projects.

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