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Daily Local News – April 9, 2018


Today is the deadline to register to vote in the May eighth Indiana primary; National attention is focusing on Indiana’s primary season, with three Republicans candidates vying for the nomination to run against incumbent Democratic U.S. Senator, Joe Donnelly; A missing Columbus man has been declared dead after his body was discovered on the Driftwood River early Friday morning; A counselor and the director of Bedford’s North Lawrence Career Center have been placed on administrative leave; Indiana University will break ground on a new bell tower later this month.

Informatics Professor James Clawson bridges the gap between the geek world of computers and the more traditional health care field.

Stephen Hale believes food brings people together and knowing where your food comes from is empowering. Hale speaks with Activate’s Lucy Schaich, about his volunteerism in the Bloomington Community Orchard.

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