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Daily Local News – April 30, 2014


By a vote of ten-to-one, the Indiana State Board of Education put an end to the current academic standards today, focusing on a new method they say will help students be more college and career ready; Members of boards and commissions in Bloomington will have to reveal financial information more regularly as a result of a new city policy; The nation’s largest solar farm built on top of a federal Superfund site became operational in Indianapolis last month; The Trashion Refashion 2014 Runway Show entertained Bloomington residents on Sunday at the Buskirk Chumley Theater with two runway segments, a “Trashion-off,” and performances by the Aerial Silks, Hudsucker Posse, and Jefferson Street Marching Band.

The group Grassroots Conservatives describes itself as a coalition of conservative Republicans, Tea Party Patriots, constitutionalists, independents, and libertarians who come together to pursue the American Dream. The group held a straw poll last night at the Monroe County Public Library, inviting members to select the Republican primary race candidates for Congress, County Council District 2, and County Council District 4 that best meet the Grassroots Conservatives’ principals of reducing federal government spending, low taxes and regulations, and a constitutionally limited government. Correspondent Casey Kuhn attended the polling last night and recorded candidate speeches, interviews with organization members, and the results for today’s WFHB feature exclusive.

Authors — especially academics who need to publish — are being hit by fake publicists who promise all kinds of publicity and book-sales. Then they take the money and run!

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