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Daily Local News – April 18, 2017


The City is making progress on renovating the old Dimension Mill on West 11th Street; The city of
Bloomington expects to pay about $230,000 to repair the intersection at 3rd and Lincoln streets
downtown; Monroe County is still waiting to hear whether its two-year Monroe County Energy Challenge has placed in the Georgetown University Energy Prize competition; The Indiana Youth Institute, Brown County YMCA and Brown County Schools are hosting an event to educate youth and parents about the opioid epidemic; The National Recreation and Park Association is in the midst of their “Meet me at the Park” campaign.

A prominent Bloomington landlord is facing a massive foreclosure case that could change the landscape of the Bloomington rental market. Correspondent Jerrod Dill brings us the story.

WFHB’s weekly community resources segment.

Anchors: Joe Crawford and Don Geyra
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