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Daily Local News – April 1, 2014


Ellettsville is hiring a new administrator to manage its town government; With the goal of improving safety on local roads, the Monroe County Plan Commission cleaned up its sign ordinance on March 18th; One of Bloomington’s wastewater treatment plans is running out of room to store the city’s waste; The 12th Annual Homeward Bound 5K Walk will take place on Sunday, April 13th; A circuit court judge says Monroe County is running out of money to run its Youth Services Bureau and pay for juvenile probation officers; Bloomington Transit altered some new bus routes to accommodate concerns from the Monroe County Public Library; The Books and Beyond Project is co-sponsoring an IU Cinema film series with the Global-Village Living Learning Center, and its first film will air tonight at 7 pm; This week on The Strike Mic, a conference brings together faculty and students from across the country to talk about common struggles and their plans for the future.

Jamie Andree, Director of the Low Income Taypayer Clinic, is back to help clear up some confusing tax questions and help make sure your filing is as painless as possible.

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