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City Council Plans For Affordable Housing


The Bloomington City Council took up amendments to the city’s draft comprehensive planning document in a special session last week. Council members continue to keep the issue of affordable housing a priority. Dave Rollo has added an amendment to protect affordable housing in the city’s core neighborhoods.

Rollo says the amendment acknowledges the need for mixed housing developments to accommodate growth. He says he’s working to balance the need for long term affordability without imposing it. Rollo says imposed affordability is a concern to residents who fear their property values will depreciate over time instead of appreciating.

Council member Chris Sturbaum voiced support for Rollo’s amendment which passed unanimously.

Council member Isabel Piedmont-Smith says the draft comprehensive plan as a whole is being amended to make it more user friendly. Piedmont-Smith says chapters of the draft document are now aligned with objectives found in the city’s vision statement. Piedmont-Smith initiated the change.

The City Council will continue its review of amendments to the draft comprehensive plan in January. The draft document is available online at the city’s website.

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