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Bring It On! – June 16th, 2014


Bev Smith and William Hosea welcome Dr. Billy Taylor; Founder, President and CEO of Get Back Up, Inc.

PERSEVERANCE ~ The Story of Dr. Billy Taylor is a powerful new documentary exploring the life of one of Michigan’s greatest running backs. The film highlights Taylor’s notable football accomplishments, but goes deeper, exploring the setbacks that destroyed Taylor’s reputation, setting him on a 25-year roller-coaster ride to recover it. The film will premiere on the Big Ten Network June 23rd.

Today, Dr. Taylor has experience to share and a passion to assist young adults, students and student athletes understand and how to manage their transitions, and choices in the world of academics. Currently Dr. Taylor is the founder, President and CEO of Get Back Up, Inc. (GBU). Dr. Billy Taylor joins William and Bev by phone to discuss elements of his life and his passion.

Headline news and local calendar events of interest to the African-American community.

Hosts: Bev Smith and William Hosea
Bring It On! is produced by Clarence Boone
Executive Producer Alycin Bektesh
Our News Editor is Michael Nowlin
Our Board Engineer is Chris Martin

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