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Bring It On! – June 12, 2017


Cornelius Wright and Leila Randle host interviews,  one on the history of Juneteenth through the decades, and the other on open-mic night comedy from a personal perspective.  One funny interview, and one solemn.  Both riveting.



As part of Ivy Tech’s Lifelong Learning classes, Cornelius Wright and Renee Reed participated in a standup comedy group.  The “final” was all class members doing a 5 minute routine at open-mic night.  Hear about common and unique aspects of doing comedy as a person of color.



Juneteenth is  a significant milestone in the African American community that often gets overlooked.  Liz Mitchell tells the history of Juneteenth, how it is relevant today, and the special work being done by the West Baden Church Renewal project as part of Juneteenth this year.  And as part of Juneteenth festivities, Mama Minnie’s Juke Joint returns this weekend.



Hosts Leila Randle and Cornelius Wright

Bring It On! is produced by Clarence Boone

Executive Producer Joe Crawford

Our News Editor is Michael Nowlin.

Our Board Engineers are Floyd Hobson and Jim Thrasher

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