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Bring It On! – December 30, 2013


Bring It On! looks back at some of the best interview segments of 2013.

From the August 19th broadcast, we spoke with Jamestown, South Carolina resident, Terry James for joining us to talk about his town founded in 1870 by his descendant Ervin James (a freed slave) and their family gatherings that seek to “Celebrate Jamestown.” The co-anchors for this segment were Bev Smith and Liz Mitchell.

From the June 24th broadcast, Bring It On co-anchors Bev Smith and William Hosea hold a pre-trial conversation on the dynamics of the George Zimmerman murder trial with Valeri Haughton, Judge of the Division VIII Circuit Court; Monroe County Deputy Prosecutor Joi Kamper; and Defense Attorney Megan Lewis.

Hosts: Chris Martin
Bring It On! is produced by Clarence Boone
Executive Producer Alycin Bektesh
Our News Editor is Michael Nowlin
Our Board Engineer is Chris Martin

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