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Bloomington’s North-Side Experiencing A ‘Food Desert’


The closing of all Marsh stores in Bloomington has left citizens on the North-side without a place to buy groceries.

Although members of the Monroe County Planning Department say they expect a Kroger supermarket will open at the former Marsh location at 1825 North Kinser Pike, the area is reportedly experiencing a ‘Food Desert’.

Planning Services Manager, Scott Robinson, says there isn’t a lot his department can do about the scarcity of places for north-siders to buy groceries.

Robinson said planners had tried to ensure that all sides of Bloomington had enough options available for residents to buy groceries. But with Marsh Supermarkets Incorporated struggling to stay in business, that’s no longer the case.

As a result of the shuttered supermarkets, many north side residents, including Joyce Stewart, say they’re struggling to adjust.

“I mean it’s bad enough that we don’t have a grocery store on this side of town but with all the road closures going on, We have to backtrack so far to get to the grocery store that it’s ridiculous” Stewart says.

A Kroger grocery store is reportedly planning on opening at the former north side Marsh location by the end of the year. Until then, Bloomington’s north-side residents will be stuck in a ‘food desert’.

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