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bloomingOUT – Spencer Pride – June 1, 2017


Join hosts Ryne Shadday and Jeff Poling as they welcome Judi and Sunny Epp from Spencer Pride. Judi has been working with the festival since it began in 2007 and talks about what will be happening at the event this year on June 3rd. Her niece Sunny has volunteered every year and will motivate you to get involved.
Tune in to hear more about Spencer Pride and other local LGBTQ+ events.

Music from this episode includes “Strangers” by Halsey featuring Lauren Jauregui, “Darkside” by Bebe Huxley, and “American Epic Sessions” by Elton John and Jack White.

Anchors: Ryne Shadday and Jeff Poling
Guest: Judi and Sunny Epp
Producer: Ryne Shadday
Board Engineer: Jessie Grubb
bloomingOUT News Director: Noelle Philipps
Associate Producer and Music Curator: Grace Thumser
Executive Producer: Joe Crawford
The bloomingOUT theme is an original composition from Aaron Gage.

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