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bloomingOUT – Round Table Gun Control Discussion – February 15, 2018

In response to the tragic school shooting in Florida yesterday, BloomingOUT hosts Alex and Frankie debate gun control laws in the US with several guests. Our guests this evening include:
Rachel Guglielmo (pronounced Goo-lee-ay-mo)
Rachel Guglielmo leads the Indiana chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. She has three school-aged kids, and began volunteering with the organization shortly after it was founded in 2012, the day after the Sandy Hook shooting. She is also an active member of the Democratic Women’s Caucus and Rise to Run — a group which is encouraging and supporting young progressive women to run for office.
Courtney Daily
Courtney Daily is a mother to three young boys, as well as a nursery school teacher at St. Mark’s Nursery School and Kindergarten. She became active with Moms Demand Action in 2014 and became local group lead for Bloomington last year.

Didi Kerler
Didi is a career educator who has been the director of Gan Shalom Preschool since 2001 and education director for Congregation Beth Shalom since 2012.  She has her masters degree in early childhood education from Indiana University. She lived nine years in Israel where personal gun ownership is severely restricted and in England for seventeen years where even local police rarely carry guns.

Amy Makice
Amy is a licensed therapist and the director of the Bloomington Center for Connection. Based in Relational-Cultural Therapy, the Bloomington Center for Connection promotes social change through connection, leveraging the strength of relationships to promote individual and societal well-being. Amy has written on the use of Relational-Cultural Therapy concepts to ameliorate bullying of LGBTQ+ students.



Tonight we played the track “Inside the Box” by Rodgers and Rodgers, an earlier project by brothers Louis and Addison who are now known as Busman’s Holiday.




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Doors open at 8 and the music begins at 10, remember the first 100 guests receive a Backdoor Swag-bag.

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The event is held at the Ivy Tech John Waldron Auditorium from 7:30 to 9:30 PM. For more information call; 812-336-9300.




BloomingOUT is Produced by Alex Ashkin.

Our Executive Producer is WFHB News Director Wes Martin.

Jessie Grubb is our Engineer.

Our Anchors are Alex Ashkin and Frankie Presslaff.

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