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bloomingOUT – Out of Bounds – September 14, 2017


In lieu of BloomingOUT this evening we aired two podcasts from Out Of Bounds, a weekly public affairs radio show in Ithica, New York.
First, producer Tish Pearlman interviews transgender activist Josie Zanfordino and discusses issues facing the queer community.
In the second half of the show, Pearlman talks to author and Professor Emeritus in developmental psychology Ritch Savin-Williams about his latest release Becoming Who I Am: Young Men on Being Gay.
For more information about Out of Bounds, visit their website.

Executive Producer: Wes Martin
Producer: Ryne Shadday
Board Engineer and host: Jessie Grubb
Social Media Coordinator: Josephine Douglas
bloomingOUT News Director: Olivia Davidson
Associate Producer and Music Curator: Grace Thumser
The bloomingOUT theme is an original composition from Aaron Gage.

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