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bloomingOUT – Jessie Grubb – June 15, 2017


Join producer Ryne Shadday and anchors Colin Shassberger and Jeff Poling as they interview the new board engineer Jessie Grubb. They discuss growing up in Bloomington, being accepted as LGBT, and what the future holds for Jessie.

The news segment covers issues of being “out” in sports, recent LGBT statistics and upcoming local events.

Music from this show includes “Til the Crying Fades” by Julia Weldon, “City Creatures” by Absolutely Not and “Bad Liar” by Selena Gomez.

Anchors: Colin Shassberger and Jeff Poling
Producer: Ryne Shadday
Board Engineer: Jessie Grubb & Josephine Douglas
bloomingOUT News Director: Noelle Philipps
Associate Producer and Music Curator: Grace Thumser
Executive Producer: Joe Crawford
The bloomingOUT theme is an original composition from Aaron Gage.

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