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BloomingOUT – Janae Cummings – January 18, 2018


Join BloomingOUT hosts Rachel, Frankie and Alex as they welcome Chair of Bloomington Pride, Janae Cummings. They start the show discussing the recent news of Indian prince Manvendra Singh Gohil who is opening a LGBTQ community center in his palace. This decision has created a unique resource for the queer community in a country where same-sex marriage is still illegal.
The second part of the show turns to our guest Janae who describes how she became a part of PRIDE, the ways the organization advocates for the LGBTQ community and defines the concept of intersectionality and how it applies locally.

Our featured musician this evening was Jamila Woods with her tracks “Blk Girl Soldier” and “Emerald Street”.

Hosts: Rachel Jones & Frankie Presslaf

Producer: Alex Ashkin

Executive Producer and WFHB News Director: Wes Martin

Board Engineer: Jessie Grubb

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