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bloomingOUT – “Busted in Bloomington” – October 5, 2017


Join producer Ryne Shadday and anchor Grace Thumser as they welcome authors of “Busted in Bloomington” Greg and Candy Dawson. The book centers on a Bloomington High School English teacher Chuck Walls who was forced to hide his homosexuality because of the taboos that surrounded being gay at the time but it also discusses the history of the LGBT community and the counterculture movement happening in Bloomington in the 60’s.
They will be signing books at Barnes and Noble on Friday October 6 from 4-6pm.

Guest Sheryl Daniels also chats about the growth of Spencer Pride with the addition of buying a building on the Spencer Square and the Rocky Horror Picture Show screening at the Tivoli Theatre.

This week’s music selection includes Mirah and Night Helix.

Executive Producer: Wes Martin
Hosts: Grace Thumser and Ryne Shadday
Producer: Ryne Shadday
Board Engineer and host: Jessie Grubb
Social Media Coordinator: Josephine Douglas
bloomingOUT News Director: Olivia Davidson
Associate Producer and Music Curator: Grace Thumser
The bloomingOUT theme is an original composition from Aaron Gage.

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